Ethics with regard to any reviews of gear/software, or recommendations I might make regarding gear/software to use or buy, or services I might recommend for renting gear or repair, etc.

Over time I do hope to form affiliations or partnerships with various vendors and suppliers. These associations would naturally result in some sort of perk. These associations though would not prevent me from forming a negative opinion of their service or product. You would need to know me to really get it, but money alone is not the motivator. I have spent a lot of years in the corporate world having to toe the line, drink the koolaid, and say their words. I will not carry that behavior into my own business. If I recommend something or form an opinion of it then its my own opinion.

In the case of any gear reviews they will be based on my own experience, that experience level will be explained, and the good bad and ugly of it will be revealed. I do feel there is a very powerful benefit to a corporation in hearing an unbiased opinion of their products and services. This unbiased opinion is also valuable to their potential customers. If you feel you have a good product and would like me to take a look at it I would be honored to do so. Just dont assume that opportunity will garner you a favorable opinion. I will do my level best to find the good, and the bad, with no concern as to the result or whether it precludes me from future opportunities.

So, I hope that clears that up. I work for money and do my very best to provide a valued product. I form my own opinions though and always will.

There are products I really like, and there are others I wish I had not bought. In some cases the purchase was due to my poor judgement and is in no way the fault of either the vendor or the manufacturer. If I were to review these products I would absolutely make those differentiations.