Services Offered

JDBPhotography, for now, is a part time concern. Doug Bonomo, the photographer, has a full time job but if anything is scheduled can certainly get that time freed up.  Weekends are always available as well.

Because of this scheduling challenge marketing is limited and the effort is more on landscape, nature, and other non scheduled photography.  However, there is great interest in headshot, portrait, family, realestate promotional photography and videos (visit Tier 4′s site for more details) and corporate photography work.

Weddings require far more time and involvement than I can reliably provide at this time, so rather than offer something I do not believe I can provide with a high degree of quality I will limit myself to those areas I feel equipped for in terms of time, skills and equipment.

Also at this time there is no formal studio.  If this becomes a need it will be added in the future, but for now I work out of my home.  Everything is portable and I can come to you, or the location of your choice.