Learning Center

Over time I will be presenting information here regarding photography and other aspects of image creation.  My background is somewhat geeky, and I love the equipment, but I also enjoy explaining things and hopefully can do so in a way that relates the information to just about everyone.

Photography is an enjoyable hobby, and can be a lifelong career.  For me it began as a hobby and I am now working on it becoming a new career.  I suspect this is true for just about everyone to one level or another.

There is nothing you cannot understand if it is presented properly for you.  Everyone learns differently.

To take a picture you really only need to know a very few non technical things about how to get a clicking sound out of your camera and remove the lens cap.  To take a good picture, in a variety of circumstances though, you need some knowledge behind you.  Thats where this comes in.

So, enjoy the series, I will be adding to it as quickly as possible over the next several weeks.